Very intense scent that feels right after application. This sensation lasts for a few seconds, but it can be up to 15 minutes for some perfumes. The scent, which is comes immediately after the top note, the intensity is about 2-3 hours. At this stage, fragrances are released slowly, extending to several, sometimes tens of hours.


20% aromatic essences = elite among perfumes

ESSENS perfumes are created primarily with the emphasis on the highest possible quality. Our production is certified by GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), ISO 9001-2008 and is under constant control according to the strictest regulations and standards of the European Union. We guarantee the content of 20% fragrance essences, exclusively supplied by one of the world's leading producers of private labels, by SELUZ, which makes it one of the elite amongs perfumes.


Our fragrance, our business card...

The most important role in the selection of perfume is played by the emotion that its scent evokes in us. The type of skin, everything we eat and how we feel, then forms the final smell that our surroundings will perceive. And that's why the same perfume can smell somewhat different in each of us. So let's choose the right perfume the attention it deserves. Also think that every situation is an opportunity for another type of fragrance with different intensity. We choose a light fragrance that does not irritate the environment and which only complements our personality. On the contrary, the evening company will appreciate the more expressive perfume that will underline your charisma.


The magic of a long lasting scent

Perfume works best where the skin is the most curved, so it is applied behind the ears, neck, wrist, elbow well and ankles. For lower intensity it is sufficient to enter the fragrant cloud created by spraying the perfume in front of you. To last longer, it is advisable to fix it by using more products of the same fragrance. For a very long time, the scent will be kept in freshly washed hair. We wear the garment only after the perfume has been absorbed into the skin.


See the at least a simplified manufacturing process

The highest quality fragrance essences are first mixed with pure perfumery alcohol. Only the distilled water is used to denature this alcohol so as not to affect the smell and quality of the final product. The resulting mixture is cooled to -7 ° C and filtered thoroughly, using 10 micron filters. In order for all ingredients to combine perfectly into one another, the perfume matures in stainless steel tanks for at least 8 weeks. It is then filled with air-cleaned flacons created by Italian masters in a renowned glass workshop and finally wrapped in a box designed with a focus on clean design.